Pop Tarts!

I saw a recipe for Pop Tarts on Smitten Kitchen and thought it would be fun to try. Lex was oddly excited about, considering he’s never had Pop Tarts (as far as I know!) We made the dough yesterday, but while it was chilling in the fridge he decided he wanted to make blueberry muffins instead. So we did that, but when we got to the “add the blueberries” step I discovered we didn’t have enough blueberries, so we added frozen strawberries as well. Yum! Went to bed last night with blueberry/strawberry muffins in our bellies and Pop Tart dough in the fridge.

After school today Lex reminded me of the dough and asked if we could make them. I asked if he’s ever had Pop Tarts and he said no, but a kid in his class brings them for snack and they look delicious. He also reminded me of an ad in Parents magazine for Pop Tarts with sprinkles. So he was eager to try some. I love that he’s eager to bake them and not insisting on buying them. In fact, despite the friend and the ad, he has never even asked me to buy them. I love him! Anyway, we made Pop Tarts this afternoon. I followed the King Arthur Flour recipe (though it was a bit different in the cook book I used!) instead of SK, but I’m sure all are both equally delish! By the time they were cool enough to eat it was pretty late so we all had a few little bites and Lex went to bed excited to eat a Pop Tart after breakfast. Yep, that was his idea. I told him he could have one for breakfast, but he decided he needed breakfast first. Smart boy! I think I’ll be quartering them before serving.

Making Pop Tarts

They did a great job helping, rolling the dough, mixing the filling, lining things up and making the layers. It was fun.

Finished Pop Tarts

Not exactly beautiful, but not too bad considering how much of it the kids did.

With sprinkles

Lex was really set on sprinkles, which require icing to stick. He isn't usually a big fan of sweets, so I frosted and sprinkled two and we will see tomorrow which way he prefers them. Important things to know, right?

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