Thinking about preschool

Lex and his new backpack

Lex starts preschool (Pre-K is what they call it, is there a difference?) one week from today. Needless to say I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’m trying to weigh the excitement against his resistance to change. Awhile ago he was very excited about preschool, but lately he’s started telling me that he doesn’t want to go. It’s funny reading the papers and ads and whatnot talking about back-to-school shopping, and routines, rituals, and the school “buildup.” Every time I bring it up Lex seems a little more resistant. Funny boy. Next Monday the school is having a “Back to school BBQ” and we’ve been assigned to bring a dessert (my favorite assignment!!) Then on Wednesday the preschool has a welcome day where parents are invited to come for the day (it’s only an hour that day) and we get to see the room and meet the teacher and classmates. I’ve emailed with a few people who also have kids in his group, friends of friends, but no one we know personally. Then on Thursday he goes it alone!! It’s a work day for me so Alan is going to take the day off and we’ll bring him to school together and then Alan will pick him up afterwards. The plan, so far, is to meet for lunch because I don’t think I can make it until the end of the day without seeing him :) Needy mommy? Alan thinks Lex will want me after preschool anyway. I think we are going to leave Eve in daycare all day, meet for lunch at Panera Bread (Lex’s favorite!) and then Alan and Lex can go home for a quiet afternoon while I go back to work. Hopefully the day goes smoothly. It’s funny with him because the bigger deal you make of something the less he wants to do it, so I’m trying to celebrate the significance of the day without being overwhelming. A fine line I’m walking.

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