Meyer Lemon

My little Meyer Lemon tree (aka Oscar!) made a lemon. It’s a cute little thing. I put the plant outside earlier this summer and it was doing very well, but the fruit wasn’t yellowing. Last week the plant got dry and the fruit started yellowing, but also seemed to be shriveling and drying. I watered it really well and today noticed that it looked better and yellow. I squeezed it gently to see if it felt softish or dry, and it came off in my hand! Eve and I were pretty surprised and happy. :)

It wasn’t big enough to do much with, but I squeezed it, sampled it, and put it on fresh avocado. Yum!

Oscar has more buds and one other tiny, green lemon currently growing. As summer comes to an end I’ll bring it back inside for the winter. Hopefully it survives another transition.

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