H(late)BD Rosy!

We got to celebrate the big 4-2 with Rosy and co this year. She hosted a lovely birthday/housewarming gathering.

We were going to stay an extra day to go to the DelCo fair and demo derby, but we bailed. I realized that I am lame the week before the week before school starts. After two years of bailing on family vacations that week, I’ve decided that going forward I need to be home the week before in-service starts. By that point in the summer I have people emailing me updates to the district websites and I’m starting to get planning emails and in-service schedules and it all feels like to much to be on vacation. So going forward I’ll plan better and not lamely bail on family vacations. :)

Happy Birthday Rosy!! We love you. Thanks for opening your house to my crazy crew.

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