A weird season of life

I feel like I’m in a really weird season of life right now. Not bad, just weird.

School is REALLY hard this year, for me and all of my colleagues. People are quitting. I feel more of a divide than I’ve ever felt in the past. This is year six for me, so I don’t have tons of historical experience, but it still is a really rough year for all of us.

The kids in my house are all doing well, though Eve asks every day if she can be homeschooled. She hates going to school, but usually comes home not too miserable in the end. Fortunately! Lex and B’Lake are both working a lot, and Lex is doing karate and lights for the musical again this year. I joined a gym and I’m trying to go 3x week. Our afternoons are busy! Lex has his license and a car, and next month he’ll be able to drive the other kids places, which will be nice.

B’Lake is still confident that he does not want to return home and we have started researching adoption. It’s interesting to consider adopting a teenager, and parenting a kid who lived for 14yrs in a very different home/family environment. I’m also in a way co-parenting with DCF, which adds another element to contend with. He also has a girlfriend that he worships and wants to spend every second with and talks about constantly. As a middle-aged divorced women I have to work hard to contain the eye rolling! 🙄😂

All three of them are getting so independent and starting to flex their wings. I’m finding I have to change my parenting style and expectations a bit. And for as busy as we are, I’m also finding myself alone more and more often. This afternoon Lex is at work, B’Lake is with a friend, and Eve is holed up in her chair watching anime, and I’m spending the time watching tv, prepping healthy food, and doing a little work.

Tomorrow is Indigenous Peoples Day so the kids have no school, but I have to work. 🙄 B’Lake asked if he could hang out in town with friends and I had to say no. Instead he will be at a friend’s house (I’ve connected with the friend’s mom to be sure is that plan!) Lex and Eve will be going to a corn maze with Alan. Alan was going to take all three kids, but one opted to hang with friends instead.

Anyway, this is just a random blog post from my phone (website still not working) while I watch Baking Impossible. I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday evening. ❤️

2 thoughts on “A weird season of life

  1. Teachers are stressed out here, too. Our superintendent had to send a note to the community asking everybody to be civil and not verbally attack teachers and staff. It’s chilling. Hang in there. So many of us families are sustained by the hard work and care from our teachers right now. We need you more than ever!

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