Quarterly Update

Hi all! Long time, no write. There is so much going on, but also, I don’t have a lot to write at the moment. So here are a few photos from the camera roll.

Eve got frogs. One buried itself, but the other is thriving.

Huxley and I did a lot of reading! I’m going to read 50 novels this year. I’m letting myself count YA and graphic novels too. :)

Eve is big into cosplay these days. Here is her medieval peasant woodland elf look. Pointy ears and all. :)

The pets did a lot of sleeping. Huxley is getting barky and growly and grumpy though. I hope it’s just pandemic fatigue.

Over vacation I co-opted the teenagers into a trip to school to clean the fish tank. It looks awesome now! I got lots of of compliments for teachers and students alike.

Ed came to visit!! He brought Rosy too. It was AWESOME seeing family again.

The hardest part of going back to school after vacation was putting this dang mask back on! :/

I came home one day to find this little cutie out front. I think Eve made it for recess. :)

Alan came to visit a few times. We taught Huxley how to play Spades. JK. He can’t really play cards, but he sure looks cute trying.

Evie has a birthday coming up and I remembered the photos this year! Yay! :)

Also, we got a new couch! It’s new to me anyway. A co-worker was giving it away. I hated (HATED) the old ugly gray/green couch we had, so I was psyched to get this new one. It’s big and bulky and heavy, but Alan helped and the teenagers and we got it in the house! Some random other person picked up the old one and it was exactly what she needed. I love it when it all works out that way.

Jasmine approves.

Tsu approves too. :)

Today… this happened!! They lifted (lightened) the cross-border guidelines and now Lex can go back to karate – IN PERSON! We were both pretty darn excited about it. He did karate. I sat in the car and read my book.

Some other, less photogenic things that are going on:

  • Lex is getting lots of drive time, including night driving.
  • Eve almost expressed a tiny bit of interest in returning to in-person school.
  • We had a really nice Sunday afternoon with all three teenagers planning their high school courses for next year.
  • I am getting vaccinated!! Hallelujah!
  • Probably some more stuff, but that’s all I got for now. 💛

2 thoughts on “Quarterly Update

  1. my dailiy routine includes checking in at this site..thank you for a wonderful gift this morning…you sharing your life and children and your world is a very special treat and i am so grateful to be a (socially distanced) part of it..xxxoooxxxooxxxooo

  2. I echo Meem’s sentiments 100%! I check daily for updates too and was so excited to see today’s post (tells you how exciting my life is! )!!! Great pix and captions and glad everyone is doing well. No mention of Ossian and River, though, are they still with you? And Eve looks nine feet tall in her cosplay garb, does in include stilts? Much love to you and the kids!

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