Halloween – 2020

“Is he made out of house or is the house made out of him?” – Eve

I put the cats in charge of handing out candy this year! I think we got about a dozen trick-or-treaters.

Nico DiAngelo

She figured out a great way to carve windows into her pumpkin house.

My pumpkin. Lex opted not to do one this year.

Eve found a great use for the random body parts that came with Laurens. 💀

I’m posting from my phone where editing is more tricky, so sorry for the photos in reverse order.

Halloween Covid style means trick-or-treating in masks (or not at all), and goodies left on table outside. Basically it’s just walking around in the dark collecting free candy from the street. A child’s dream come true! 😂

Eve went out with her friend and then spent the night. I made a few goodie packages and left them on the porch. Lex played Minecraft. A good time was had by all. 😂🎃

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