We had a lovely autumnal Saturday today. Alan came down and we all got flu shots together. It was a drive-thru deal, so quick and easy! The nurse even commented on how far we’ve come as a family in the flu shot department. :)

Then we went to our favorite apple orchard for some apples, animals, and donuts.

The annual flu shot flex photo. :)

The forecast said sunny and 80s, but it ended up being cloudy and 60s. Perfect apple picking weather!

A paparazzi shot of my kids eating apples! :)

This sheep has a nice sweater.

The little one was adorable and really enjoyed that stick.

Eve’s new friend Laurens came along to help chose some Halloween pumpkins.

We spent the afternoon watching funny tv, doing jobs around the house, and playing a little Minecraft. A good time was had by all.

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