Dinner at the river

We had a little pre-birthday celebratory dinner at the river this evening.  We aren’t a real outdoorsy crowd (you may have noticed by now!) but I thought we should do something a little outdooorsy this beautiful Memorial Day weekend.  We opted for take-out from Panera Bread and dinner by the river.  The meal wasn’t great and we joked that they must have qurantined the baguettes for 14 days, but we had fun anyway.  Eve got to swim in the river.  Her favortie thing to do. We even let her swim all the way to the other side!  Alan and Lex skipped stones.

I took pictures and tried to get Huxley to swim, but he was so interested in everything else and not at all interested in the water.  Oh well.  Probably best not to have a wet dog anyway. :)  When we were done at the river we walked over to the dog park and let Huxley have his first ever visit.  Oh boy, did he love that! Scents everywhere!

Tomorrow is the big day for birthday Lex! Stay tuned. If you’re lucky you’ll get a blog post for the FOURTH day in an row!  :)

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