With all the crazy in the world right now, Eve and I decided to do something grounding… literally!  Over the weekend I put out a request to the universe (via Facebook, of course) asking for hostas to plant in front of the house.  Lots of people replied, offering to let me dig up hostsas from their yards, but one super kind friend dug them up herself and delivered them!  How awesome is that?! Another friend from the old neighborhood texted saying she’d just dug up some rose bushes and did we want them too.  Um, yes!  We walked over to our old street to pick them up. Yesterday the weather was perfects, so Eve and I did some planting.

We planted five hosta plants in front of the house.  There are three different kinds and the goal as an ABCBA pattern, but neither of us are really sure if that worked out.  We’ll have to wait and see!  On the corner of the house we put the rose bush.  I hope at least something grows! :)

I’m happy that we now officially own our  neighborhood and are able start prettying up the place.  In a few years it will look much more lush and colorful and less barren and new.  That will be nice.

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