Wild child

A few weeks ago Lex and I went to a birthday party for a boy in his class. Most of the kids there were WILD, running around, yelling, pretend punching, drinking red punch and eating chips. It was nuts. I stayed because I didn’t know the family at all and was hesitant to leave him. I’m happy I stayed because twice during the party he came over and asked to be held for a few minutes. He’s so sweet. Anyway, at the party I met the dad of another boy who was, like Lex, playing fairly quietly. We got to chatting about how our boys aren’t the “jump in the action and run around like wild people” kind of kids, instead they are a little more reserved and tend to hang back. Later I asked Lex if he’d like to have a playdate with this other boy (who is also in his class). He said “oh yes!” so we invited them over. Lex was super excited and today was the day. Can you guess what my reserved boy did? Yep, ran around like a wild child!! Lex and Eve both were running, somersaulting, jumping, and showering this poor dad with “look at me, look at me” requests, while his son played quietly in the corner. I take solace in that fact that at least they were energetic and polite, they weren’t rough or violent, they weren’t rude, but they were hepped up!! After awhile they calmed down a bit and the other boy warmed up a bit and all three of them had a great time playing together. It was fun. I was laughing though, recalling our earlier conversation about quiet boys. That dad must have thought I was totally full of it! :)

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  1. As opposed to the “weird” Aunt who “kills” paper people and “loves the smell of gunpowder in the morning”? Ha Ha Ha

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