Goodbye daycare

Eve's goodbye card

Eve's goodbye card from daycare

Eve’s daycare class made her this card. Isn’t it cool! (yes, they call her Eva, like the Wall-E movie) It’s huge too. She loves it. I’ve been feeling sad lately about daycare and missing it even though we haven’t even gone a whole week yet! Several times in the past few days the kids have said or done something that impressed me and when I asked where they learned it, the answer was, of course, at daycare. Lex likes to talk about the different books they have there and the games they play. Eve looks at her card many, MANY times a day and tells me about all the pictures and what was happening then and who the kids are. I think they really liked it there. I know we will find new routines and things to do, but it was nice to have that consistency of schedule and people, something you don’t really get at playgroups. Sigh. All good things must come to an end, I know, and I keep reminding myself that there will be more opportunities ahead.

On another note, we’ve had a busy week. My dad and brother were here doing some serious work in our garage! Alan built the framing for a mudroom in the garage and Dad and B were doing the sheetrock and other work on it. I’m so excited! I haven’t used the garage since late summer, but when it’s finally done it will be mostly a finished garage with a warm(ish) area to take off muddy boots and wet coats. No more dragging that muck into the kitchen! Yay!! I have pretty awesome men in my family!!

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  1. I’d say you have a pretty awesome family all around, but of course I’m biased ’cause I know all of you. : )

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