Photos and nostalgia

We’ve have a big, empty wall in the mudroom that I’ve been thinking about how to fill. I’ve come across mirrors and signs in stores that I kind of like, but don’t love. It suddenly occurred to me last week that I want to put a large canvas photo there. The silly thing is that the idea was in my head while we were building the house, I could envision it and everything, but then forgot. D’uh! So now I’m on the hunt for the perfect photo. Something with depth, something with water (not sure why, but I feel drawn that way), and something with fun memories. I’ve been exploring the blog trying to find that “just right” photo. Here are some ideas. I’m not sure they’re perfect though.

both kids

I love them.


The pond

to the beach

To the beach!


Happy kids on the beach!

Or maybe this one. No water, but yellow and green. Might look nice in the mudroom.

flowers -p2

The problem with taking so many pictures is that it’s often hard for me to decide which ones are best.

The point of this post really is that I’ve been loving my blog lately. :) So glad I started and maintained it, even if not always regularly.  I love going back and seeing the old pictures.  The kids as babies and toddlers, of course, but also me and Alan, and everyone else!  I love reading the posts. Sometimes I was happy, other times I was grumpy, and sometimes, the good ones, I was deep and insightful.  I love it!

I was going to post a few more fun pictures that I’ve come across, but there are just so many adorable pictures I can’t decide.  I’d end up reposting all of them! Well, most of them.  They’re not all nostalgia repost worthy! :)  So you’ll have to go back and find your own adorable pictures to reminisce about.  Or not.  Whatever makes you happy.

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