Breaking the news

The kids are finally settling in and happy at daycare.  Eve talks about her teacher and classmates all the time and Lex even started making friends.  Needless to say I’m wondering how they will be affected by me no longer working and them no longer going to daycare.  I told Eve this morning that I wouldn’t be working any more and she asked if I could come to daycare with her :)  When I explained the whole situation she said, “oh,ok.”  Lex’s response… “Great! Now I can come home with you in the afternoons!”  They are such awesome kids.  I still wonder if I’m going to feel the effects down the road, but we’ll see.  I know they have fun there and it’s a great social opportunity for them.  I’m also thinking of asking Eve’s teacher if she babysits.  We need a new babysitter and both of the kids love her (and I know she’s gone through background checks already! :) )  One more week and thus ends another chapter in this crazy life.

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