I took my big littles and friends to the Montshire today.  The price of admission: posing for a photo.  They all paid up happily.  :)

There was a new exhibit about air that Lex read about in the paper and was interested in checking out.  It was fun.


The girls went through the whole museum in about half an hour and started whining at me to leave.  The boys, however, were really focused!  They stayed in the air exhibit for over an hour!

Us girls kept ourselves busy for another hour or so, before finally rounding up the boys and heading out.

I wish the girls were more engaged.  Admission isn’t cheap and I know the boys would have lasted for another hour, at least! Oh well.

Then we took a quick trip to the toy store (to appease the girls) and the candy store (um, maybe because I wanted candy), then home again.

That was our vacation outing for the day.  Now, back to our computers! :P

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