Laundry room updates

Alan has been working hard to make this house a home.  His project this week was the laundry room.  I drew a little sketch a few weeks ago to share my ideas, and he went to work with it.  He stacked the washer and dryer, bought a 3-bin laundry cart, and built a frame to make use of the extra cabinet bin drawer we had.  I love it!  It’s hard to take a nice photo of a laundry room!  It’s awesome, but maybe not Pinterest-worthy, yet!

Laundry room updates.  Stacked washer/dryer, garbage and recycling in pull-out cabinet bin drawer, laundry baskets on top, dirty laundry bin for sorting, fold down iron board on top (which will never be used!), and room to hang clothes on top.  Everything I wanted in a laundry room.  <3

The bins will have to be in the middle of the room for awhile so they can catch laundry from the ceiling chute.  That will be a project for another week.

He has earned himself a weekend vacation to Florida.  :)

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