The exciting life of the Wilder Johnsons

I wanted to post an update but nothing exciting came to mind, so I went through my photos to see what would be worth posting. Guess what? Nothing! I have photos of the house being built down the street because the roof is weird, I have photos of bookshelves at the Howe Library because I like how they organized their series books, I have photos of a dresser we’re trying to sell, I have some school pictures that aren’t for this blog…. do you see where I’m going with this? Boresville! I did come across one worth sharing (though truthfully it went on Instagram yesterday)…

Aren’t they cute?!

We have had zero luck rehoming Arlo. Two families asked about him, both good families, but both have teenage boys and no fenced in yard, so I thought that probably wouldn’t be the best for him. We set him up with a window seat here and he’s settling down a bit. Maybe accepting the fact that he lives a lazy, boring life. Poor pup!

We are settling in here too. We have the guest room almost done (just need to sell that dresser!) and we’ve started hanging things on the walls. Slowly things are finding homes and still, every single day, we LOVE our house!

Hmm…. what else? I’m wrapping up my second to last course for my library certification. Only three weeks to go. The last course starts next week so there will be a little overlap, but nothing compared to last fall! I decided to continue on and get a Masters in Education from Montana State University as well. Only three more courses after I complete my library certification. It seems silly not to! That means this June I’ll have my library certification and next June I’ll have a M.Ed. Not too shabby! :)

We are gorging ourselves on Girl Scout cookies and thoroughly enjoying vacation. I am sneaking in small plans here and there so we don’t completely merge with the couches. Today we went to the Howe Library in Hanover so I could observe their reference librarian for a homework assignment. The kids settled into the children’s section and spent two hours happily playing board games together. They are awesome. Then we got pizza for lunch, stopped at Alan’s office to deliver cookies, then came home and considered it a very productive day! :) Tomorrow is a no-plans day, then Thursday I’m going to drag them out again for a few more errands. It’s a tough life!

Do you like how I managed to stretch “nothing interesting” into five (make that six now!) paragraphs?! I’m pretty talented like that. I also wrote a four page paper today after my library observation. I’d better go relax now!

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  1. ahhh..the winter of hibernation and recovery! enjoy the peace of routine …and congrats again on your college achievements…you have come a long long way in the past two years! XXOO to all

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