Ice Castles

After many years of saying, “Oh, we should check out the ice castles…” this year we finally did it! It was a long drive, but a cool place!

All bundled up.

Ummm… this looks a little dangerous! :)

The sky looked purple against the blue ice. It was crazy.

We stayed for about 40 minutes, half of which was spent with Eve in tears because her sneaker-clad feet were too cold. We spent a ton of $$ on cheap hot chocolate and adequate cinnamon buns from the “farm to castle” concessions stand. By “farm” I think they meant Cumberland Farms, because I’m sure there was no actual farm involved! :)

It was a fun day, a beautiful icy structure, a checkmark on the bucket list, and we wound out the trip with a fantastic Italian dinner.

I put all the pictures in a Google album:

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