I’ve been thinking about work lately and whether or not I should continue with my two days a week.  The job is fine and covers the costs of daycare, but not much more.  Working makes it more difficult to schedule appointments, lessons, and playdates, but the kids seem to finally like daycare and I hate to mess up the routine.  Today I felt very reassured in my decision.  I dropped Lex at school and then brought Eve to daycare.  We missed one day last week and I guess her teacher missed the other because when we came in the whole room was excited to see Eve.  I was worried about her fussing because she woke up late (really late!) and ate breakfast in the car, but when she saw the Christmas tree (much nicer than ours!) and a room full of smiling faces, she lit right up.  When I dropped Lex off after school he saw some kids sledding and decided (rightfully) that it was his group because he saw some of his friends there!  He has daycare friends!  Wheee!!  He made school friends quickly but seems to be slower at making daycare friends (for reasons I fully understand).  It made me really happy to see him happy to see them.  He gave me hugs and grabbed a sled and as I drove away I saw him sledding on his belly down a little hill and laughing!!  These are experiences they don’t get at home and I’m really happy that we’ve found a daycare that everyone likes.  It’s been a long, hard road, as you regular readers know, but I think it was worth it and now we can enjoy the benefits.  Whew!  Just in time for Christmas break ;)

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