All moved in… kind of.

We spent the weekend moving in to the new house. Remember how nice it looked when we bought it? Easy come, easy go. It is now full and cluttered and unorganized and three whole days lived in! LOL! It’s coming along though. We had AWESOME friends and family VOLUNTEER to help us move on Saturday. Crazy, but amazing. Aunt Katie showed up at 9am with donuts, Alan’s coworker came by with plenty of muscle, and my friend Elizabeth and her son showed up shortly afterwards with infinite patience and coordination skills. Alistair kept Eve busy (not terribly helpful, but at least out of the way), Parrish came over and helped Lex pack up, and by mid-afternoon we were practically done! We spent Saturday night in the new house. :) We bailed on all other obligations this weekend and focused on moving and settling. This week we have been stopping by each day to pick up the mail and newspaper and random small items left behind.

I tried to add a bunch of photos but it’s not working and it’s late and I’m tired, so here’s the link to the shared album again instead. All the photos are there.

Did you catch the “kind of” in the title? We actually have a whole garage and basement still full over at 64PP. We have been joking about “forgetting” that stuff, or leaving it as a present for the new owner, but of course we are nice people and would never do that. This weekend when my parents are up with their truck we will get the rest done. So the goal this week is to get unpacked and organized enough to make room for practically a whole other house worth of stuff! Ugh! Lex has been itching for his drum set and Eve really wants that bunk bed and I’m pretty sure any company we have would prefer a bed in the guest room instead of the hard floor. :) So, one more weekend of moving and then we will be completely moved in! Whee!!

One thought on “All moved in… kind of.

  1. Saw the pictures and put them in “Library”. Then at the bottom was an opportunity to comment. So I did. :-D, don’t know how you guys access it, but……
    So proud of you all, especially Mommy and Daddy. But absolutely thrilled you have done something 2 generations of my family never were able to. You have given your children real “roots”. Something neither my parents ever gave me and Betsey, nor I ever provided for Alan and Amanda. That is so very special for Lex and Eve. I can’t express my love for you both enough. XXOO

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