So much going on. More than just the new house. But I don’t have the time or energy to go into details. Issues selling this house. Work is good. Kids are good, but need lots of dental work. Open house at school last night. Life is busy! Grad courses have started again. Eve will be playing the flute this year. Projects going on. But, for the moment, we have a new kitchen! Or at lease the start of one. :)

A boy and his dog on a stormy afternoon.

The kitchen!

I’m so excited for an island! Lots of bins for recycling too!


Arlo does not love our visits to the new house. We let him off lease to explore yesterday and he seemed to enjoy the view. :) I think he’ll like it more when it’s less echoy and more filled with stuff he recognizes. :)

More later. Someday. <3

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