Eve update

Quick Eve updated for my records and for those of you I texted from the hospital. :) You all saw that she spiked a fever on Monday, it carried through until Tuesday night, then she was ok Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Lex snuck in a low fever on those days! This morning she was playing with the neighbor but came home crying and saying she felt like throwing up. She put herself to bed but threw up a little late. Then again. Her fever was back up so I called the on-call doctor who sent us to urgent care. Like the notes I brought along? :)

Like my fancy record keeping system? I should transcribe it into a nice text format so you don’t also see my dinner list and washing machine error codes, but alas, it’s pushing 11pm and I just don’t want to.

Today’s update. It stops at 4pm when we headed out to the urgent care center.

The urgent care doctor was concerned that it was viral meningitis and sent us to the emergency department. Yay! The triage nurse there said it would be a hour at least in the waiting room so I got Eve snuggled into a long bench with her blanket and pillow and vomit bowl close by, but five minutes later they came for her. We were joking (later when she was feeling better) that they must have been worried she’d be vomiting all over the waiting room. No one wanted that! :) Or maybe they just take the idea of meningitis pretty serious.

Anyway, they got her back to a bed, drew lots of blood, examined her over a dozen times (yay for teaching hospitals!), then dosed her up with ibuprofen and zofran (anti-nausea). Half hour later she was sitting upright and chattering away. Everyone commented on how she was a different kid with the meds in her. Thankfully!

For some reason I love this photo.

You gotta look your best when you go to the hospital!

She came in barely shuffling her feet, eyes half closed, head pounding so heard she couldn’t function, wrapped in her blanket, and carrying her throw up bowl. She left talking up a storm and marveling at the beautiful sunset.

We stopped for dinner and saltines at the co-op and headed home. Lex is still fighting a low fever with a developing cough. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a fever-free day all around.

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