Under contract

We are officially under contract to sell our little house. Happy and sad all at once. I hope we are making the right decision! I’m going to miss our beautiful street. Our agent told us a little about the buyer though and that made me happy. It’s a couple from Texas, but originally from New Mexico. The dad is Native American and teaches on subject. He got a job at Dartmouth, which is why they are moving. Mom stays home with the kids and loves home remodeling. She was looking for a house that needed a little TLC. They have four kids between the ages of 4 and 12. I have no idea how they plan to fit everyone into this little house, but I’m super happy to hear that the house is going to a nice family who will appreciate our little home and make it their own.

Awhile back our realtor made a comment that I’m holding close. When I told him that I’ll miss our beautiful little neighborhood, he said to think of it as the opportunity to create a beautiful new neighborhood. We will be in on the ground floor of this development and I hope that we will be able to make it a lovely neighborhood. The one house currently built has sold and we met the owner last week. She is a single woman with three cats. Eve said she loves cats and the woman said, “Great, maybe you can help take care of my cats if I travel?” Eve was thrilled. I think we are off to a good start on the new neighborhood already!

If all goes according to plan we will sell this house on July 17th and move into the new one in mid-September. Anyone want some company for a few months?!? :)

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