We’re building a house!!

Sooo…. we’ve got a few things going on here!  First and foremost, we are building a house!!  We got an offer on our house and accepted it. Today Alan and I, and dragging Miss Eve along, spent the afternoon picking out cabinets, counters, flooring, and paint! The sales associate was fantastic and helped us narrow down the bazillion options. She even gave us samples, including an entire drawer!, to take home and sit with for the weekend.

So many things to consider!

These are the kitchen cabinets. Although the color (ginger) is a bit off in this photo and the style will be a bit different.. soo… never mind. :)

Kitchen counter top

I think we are going to go with the “raging river” blue for the carpeting upstairs.


I like this color palette. Also, bathroom flooring on the right.

The bathroom cabinetry will be this blue color, but a slightly different style.

We are waiting to hear back from the seller, but it’s looking like we’ll have a July 17th closing date, though the new house won’t be ready until mid-September. Anyone want some company for a few months?!? :)

One thought on “We’re building a house!!

  1. oh my gosh!!! congrats, where will you live in-between?!?! I dont know where I’ll be in mid-july or September either. exciting year for our family I guess. <3!!!!!

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