Spring Break!

While others headed to places sunny and warm, we headed to the country with lots of dogs and dirt roads. 😊

Arlo LOVES being a free range dog!

Eve is pretty happy being a free range kid too.

Lex just loves having so many dogs around to cuddle!

Eve will be going to 4-H Camp Shankitunk this summer, the same place my sisters and I went when we were her age.  We stopped by to visit and show Eve around.

There is a tradition of writing on the walls and bunks. We were surprised to find Eves name already there! 😄 She also found her friend Sarah’s name too.

Camp alumni and the next generation.

Somebody got a little silly at lunch!

Can you find all five dogs??

Despite the lack of sunshine, warmth, sandy beaches, and Disney themes, we still had an awesome vacation! Looking forward to our next trip to the country. ❤

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