Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  Today was a beautiful, perfect day!  The kids were up at 5:15am (thanks Eve!) and eager to see if the bunny brought candy, despite our recent sugar reduction efforts.  I was interested to see if the kids are still into Easter as a holiday or not.  I did a lousy job of decorating or any sort of prep work, but we bought eggs yesterday (five dozen because they were only .50¢ more than four dozen at BJs!) and managed to get most of them colored before the kids got bored and wandered off.  I left a dozen uncolored and Alan made himself some egg salad.

Five dozen eggs!

They managed to color nearly four dozen before wandering away. :)

The bunny did come, of course, and there are jelly beans and chocolate eggs in those baskets, plus I snuck in two chocolate carrots from Mema first thing in the morning.  I bought one regular sized bag of chocolate eggs and one regular sized bag of jelly beans and divided them between the three baskets (one for each kid, plus the glass decorative one in the middle) and we all snacked on them all day.  I’m ok with that and proud of myself for not also buying Cadbury mini eggs and jelly beans and Peeps and eating sugar for weeks leading up to Easter.

Easter surprises on the table.

Eve was worried about not getting candy and where the bunny would leave the basket.  She said it might be on the table like it always is, but she cleared off a big spot on her desk, “just in case.”  I left her a big basket with a stuffed animal (same one I leave out every Easter) and a card that I think she made last year.

This friendly bunny greeted Eve when she woke up at 5:15am!

They are still young enough to enjoy a good Easter egg hunt!  Thankfully!  :)  Alan and I hid the eggs twice and the kids raced to find them, slightly more competitive than they have been in past years.

A sunny egg peeking out.

A real egg masquerading as a fake egg. The kids found it pretty quickly. :)

Lex paused long enough for the picture, but you can see his eyes are still looking for eggs! :)

Alan though the Serpent was hungry for eggs!

It was a perfect, beautiful day, but we never made it outside for an egg hunt.  After a few rounds indoors I took Arlo for a long walk (I invited everyone else, but no one wanted to join us), then when I got home Lex came outside and we spent awhile raking the front yard and dumping the yard debris in the ravine across the street.  By the time we were done with that, and had lunch, Lex was ready to crash on his computer for awhile.  His friend came over and they played Minecraft all afternoon.  Eve was super tired and spent much of the afternoon in her room, listening to audio books.  Eventually she came down, we got the cat litter box cleaned out (it can’t be all fun!) and then she laid down on my bed to watch YouTube videos and I passed out next to her.  It’s always a good day when you get a nap, and a great start to our vacation!!

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