Sugar update

February is almost over and we have started discussing “next steps” in this sugar situation.  We have done remarkably well, I think.  All of us.  Lex has done a great job following the rules, I turned down all of the sweets (except one tiny one forced on my by the maintenance guy who I want to keep on my good side ;) ) on Valentine’s Day, and Eve even said no to Valentine’s Day treats and birthday party treats this month!  I was shocked!  Alan has been doing well too.

We are all feeling positive effects as well, though no all of us will admit it.  :)  I have noticed a marked decrease in headaches and the kids noticed that I’m not so tired at the end of each day.  I used to doze off on a regular basis when I lay with them at night, but lately I haven’t been feeling so tired and groggy at the end of the day.  Alan said he noticed changes in himself as well, particularly around feeling better overall.  (Alan, feel free to add your comments if you want!).  Lex said he mostly just feels angry that he can’t eat bagels, but he also has remarked several times (and I agree!) that berries taste so much sweeter these days.  It’s certainly not berry season in February in Vermont, but I think eating less sugar in general has allowed our taste buds to reset a bit and better appreciate the sweetness of fruit.  I notice a change in Eve, though maybe not as drastic as I was hoping.  I think she’s more even-keeled, with fewer ups and downs.  I mentioned that to her when she said she felt no changes, but she argued that sugar is what keeps her up and without sugar she is all down.  It’s hard to reason with that one.  I’m hoping that this month and future months will help minimize the ups and downs and perhaps mitigate the sneaky eating.  That’s never a good idea, I say, speaking from experience.  I still find myself modeling poor eating habits.  It’s something we’re all working on.

Alan and I had a chat about next month and I brought it up with Lex today as well. The plan is to allow some foods with minimal sugar (not sure of the specifics yet).  Foods like bagels, Rice Krispies, and maybe certain crackers with minimal sugar.  I do not want to end up back at the dessert after every lunch and dinner and ice cream in constant supply.  Knowing that sugar calls to sugar though, means that we will have to be careful not to go down that slippery slope.  It’s a hard balance, especially with kids.

This week we are facing a Girl Scout cookie delivery (175 boxes, I think, and 10 or so of which are ours!) and a birthday party with a “cupcake station.”  We will have to be strategic and thoughtful with our sugar intake.  We can do that, right?  Right?! Sure.

Right now, after a very healthy month, the boys and I are watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens with BB8 while eating pizza and drinking wine (just me).  Not so healthy.  But fun!

BB8 likes watching Star Wars!  :)

BB8 likes watching Star Wars! :)

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