Holiday Parties

This year we managed to double our holiday party invitations (received!), going from two to four! For the past many years we’ve needed a babysitter just twice a year, both times in December. Once for Alan’s company party and once for Elizabeth’s Christmas party. It’s hard to keep babysitters when you only use them twice a year! :)

This year we also got invited to my school staff party and the town staff party! So fun! :) Unfortunately, due to weather and illness, we only made it to two parties. Sigh.

The school party was last weekend when Alan was still wiped out from pneumonia and I was resting my voice after surgery. I was disappointed to miss the first one, but it had to be done. Last night we went to Alan’s company party. It was nice enough. It’s a cocktail party, which isn’t my favorite style, but everyone is nice and we had fun. Tonight was Elizabeth’s party, but she cancelled it because the roads were AWFUL! I took the kids to a birthday party at 1pm and the roads were barely plowed with snowbanks everywhere! We made it to the party, but it took awhile! I was sad that she canceled her party this evening, but also glad that she didn’t leave it up to the guests to decide whether or not to risk her long, hilly dirt road. So I cancelled the babysitter and told Alan when he came home from karate. He immediately said, “Get the babysitter back! I have a backup party!” Haha.. Ok! I had forgotten that the town staff party was that day and Select Board members were invited. The party was right in town and easy enough to get to on the bad roads (and the snow had stopped by then, which helped!) so we went to the backup party and it was TONS of fun! It was great to finally put faces to all the names he talks about from meetings and names I see in the paper. They had an excellent buffet, hosted the party in a renovated space down town, and cleared the tables at the end for dancing!! I haven’t been to a party with dancing in ages! We’re all a bunch of old folks so the party ended at nine, but it was a great time and I’m so glad that Alan had a backup party ready to go. :)

Happy Holidays!

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