A rainy goodbye

We came home to find that Alan had been very busy. He is an excellent hole digger!

I can’t believe they told us to bury her in our little yard. I thought for sure that was against some rules somewhere. Alan took their advice to heart and went a full four feet down!

The rain was relentless but we went out anyway, dragging an unhappy boy and an even unhappier dog out with us. After I took this picture of Eve, Lex asked if I would please put the camera away. So I did. (until the very end, after he had left)

This about sums up the mood around here.

The sign looks very tiny in this picture.

We said our goodbyes, Alan brought a little levity to the moment, Arlo shivered in the rain, we lowered her down, and filled the hole back in. Eve, Alan, and I worked together to get the job done. Most of the credit goes to Alan, of course! Then we hung her in/out plaque on the fence as a little marker. I still find myself looking out the window for her and checking the sign (that is no longer there) to see if she’s out.

It will take us awhile, but everyone seems to be coping ok and the kids have started talking about another cat. Eve said this afternoon that she is going to start saving up for a kitten. We shall see.


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