RIP Sweet Kitty

We lost our sweet Daisy tonight.  I found her on the side of the road when I was out with Arlo for his final walk of the night.  She had been hit by a car.  I stood in the street, in the dark, and cried and cried.  I called Alan who came with the car and took her to the emergency vet.  They confirmed (it was obvious) and packaged her up and sent her home with Alan for us to bury.  I didn’t think we were allowed to bury things in our little yard!  Apparently that is a-ok.  Not sure where we are going to do that, but we will deal with that tomorrow.  While he was at the vet, I was home telling the kids.  Eve was already in bed and Lex was waiting for me to get back.  They took the news pretty hard.  It is 11pm now and they are both still awake.  We already miss her dearly.

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