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Hey all, in case this blog isn’t fascinating enough, check out my new school library blog. (You know you want to, Mom!) It’s filled with exciting things like library schedules and book awards! Of course I got a picture of Eve up there already! (Truthfully, I’m not sure yet on the media release situation, so I thought it best to stick to pictures of kids I know for now.) Enjoy!

Also, did you see I just did three blog posts in one evening? That’s my quota for the week! See ya next week! :)

One thought on “Library blog

  1. Nice library blog…can you put a link on your ‘blogroll’ for future viewing? Your comments about having kids put books back in the right place made me recall the strips of file folders that Mrs. Lennon has all over the Franklin school library and how obsessive she was about having the kids put a ‘placeholder’ in the stack where they take books from. Loved it!! Have a great week…think of me home in my pajamas enjoying your blogging while you are rushing around getting everyone ready for school!! How’s middle school going? I’ll wait till next weekend to find out! LOL XXOO

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