We found the Lost River!

We took a great day trip to the White Mountains with Rosy today.  We explored the Lost River and Gorge, then we got lunch, then headed up to the Basin.  We were going to swim, but the water was sooooooo cold!  Fresh mountain water!

At the Lost River we started by going down, down, down.

Then we went back up!

Eve asked me to take her picture. Unfortunately you can’t really see the waterfall behind her.

So beautiful!


Rosy took a picture of me and Alan and the kids up in that bridge. Maybe she’ll share it with us. 😀

We also went crawling through caves and rock formations. It was so much fun!!

It’s hard to take pictures in dark caves!

Then we climbed all the way up to the tip top for an amazing view!

The famous Lemon Squeeze! If you don’t fit through that wooden frame, you won’t fit through the squeeze!


Alan bravely went through the Lemon Squeeze with the kids!

It was all smiles all day!

We took a break in the tree house. Do you see the baby bear behind Eve?

There’s another one! There were adorable carved bears all around the tree house.

After lunch we went over to The Basin.  There are so many amazing things to see in the White Mountains.

A waterfall near the basin.

The water was CHILLY!!

Chilly, but beautiful.

They went in anyway!

To round out the day we stopped for ice cream.  When you have lunch at 3pm, ice cream for dinner is perfect!

Eve sat by herself on the bench to eat ice cream and read her book.

A great day was had by all! (except the poor woman who broke her ankle at the Basin and had to wait nearly an hour for the rescue squad to get to her!)  We saw a few other things up that way that looked interesting, so we all agreed another day trip would be in order.



2 thoughts on “We found the Lost River!

  1. very cool! i think maybe i went there with katie once when we visited mount washington….looks familiar but not the cave part…hmmm…i’ll have to consult with katie…XXOO

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