Sleepover / Lateover

Last night Lex had a friend sleepover and Eve had a friend late-over. I love that idea. She did all the fun sleepover things, but went home right at bedtime. Eve actually had one friend over all afternoon, then just as she went home the other friend came over for the lateover. Needless to say, Eve was tired today!


Icy potions. Eve and her friend decorated the snow outside and “sold” potions to… well, I guess all the people in their imaginations. :)


Daisy stayed out of the way!


I baked banana bread (front) and chocolate chip banana squares (back). Banana-riffic!

When the sleepover friends were here I took everyone out to Ziggy’s where they have pizza and a little arcade. Whenever we go there the kids want quarters for the arcade, but I always say no. Usually we are just picking up pizza anyway. This time fun mommy came and doled out quarters like they were going out of style! The kids were in heaven!


There was lots of foosball playing. These four were louder than the crowd of teenagers nearby. When the teenagers left I saw one guy shake his head and say to a friend, “Man, I wish I had their energy!” I wanted to tell him, “Enjoy your teenage energy kid! Middle age comes fast!” :)

There was also a lot of pinball and skeeball, but my pictures of those didn’t come out well. :)


The claw!

Let me tell you about this machine. The claw! Eve’s friend poured most of her money into it, despite all of our advice otherwise. She eagerly anticipated each grab and was genuinely disappointed each time she did not win. When we were all out of quarters and ready to head home, two boys, about Lex’s age, came over. The first kid puts in his quarters and wins the exact toy that she had been trying for all evening. We were so surprised and she was so disappointed! Then, his friend puts in quarters and he WINS too!! I couldn’t believe it! Despite all of us telling her that those machines never win, she lost and then watched the next two kids win. Poor girl!


Fun mommy came home with us and let the kids all have ice cream sundaes for dessert! Why not, right? Nothing washes down pizza like ice cream sundaes!


We capped the evening off with Shaun the Sheep. Lex was worried it might be too babyish (claymation, after all) but he ended up laughing the hardest! Good times!

The kids were in bed by 9:30pm and asleep by 10:15pm. Not too bad. Up at 6pm this morning, of course. I was really liking the lateover idea this morning when everyone was tired and my kids just wanted screentime but Lex’s friend doesn’t know how to play Minecraft and didn’t want an hour of screentime. Everyone was a little fussy with one another. But we all got through and have happy memories of sleepovers and late overs! Eve is going to her first ever sleep over next weekend. I’m not at all ready for that, but she’s excited!

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