Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2015.  It was a bit different this year.  The kids both chose character costumes that required money, but little creativity.  I was busy with work and did minimal decorating or planning. 


Evie and Steve

We trick-or-treated with two of Eve’s friends and their mothers and siblings.  I went out with the kids, thinking I could socialize with the moms, while Alan stayed home with one of the dads to hand out candy.  Turns out Eve and her friends were a lot faster than Lex, so they were mostly way ahead while Lex and his big cardboard head and I lagged behind.  Lex and I ended coming home before the rest of the crowd, which was fine.  We got to socialize with Alan and the other dad a bit.  Then one of Eve’s friends and her mom and sister came back to our house and we all hung out, laughing about the evening.  That might have been my favorite part of the night.  :-)


An excited Halloween crowd!



A good night was had by all.  Now to manage the massive amount of candy they acquired!  We went to far more houses than ever before!

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