Eve’s first field hockey game!

Eve had her first field hockey game tonight.  She was so excited!  She told me all about the rules and positions.  She was going to play right link.  So excited!


I love this girl! She was so excited, and nervous, about her first game.

It was a beautiful day for a game!  These pictures are all from my phone, then zoomed and cropped, so I hope they aren’t too blurry on a big screen. 


She caught me taking her picture and granted me a little wave. :-)


Lucky #13


Lex grudgingly came to the game, but ended up having fun and was a great cheerleader for the team. I even saw him giving her a big hug at the end of the game. Love the love.


Sporty girl!

The game lasted an hour and her team won 2-1.  Eve played the second half of the game.  She did great!  When she wasn’t on the field she was on the sidelines cheering her team on.  I’m super proud of her!

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