Restless (and rambling)

Restless. I’m feeling so restless these days. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the changing season, back to school, fall, or perhaps it’s a changing season of life. While the kids start back to school soon I feel like I went back three years in time, sending them off with nothing much for me to do in the meantime. Nothing substantial anyway. I have plenty of home projects and I know within a week or two I’ll be bored and end up back on the sub list at school. That’s the best path for my career, but still it leaves me feeling restless. It’s a funny feeling to explain. Rosy and Joyce are touring Europe right now and I’d give anything to put my life on pause and hit the road with them. We had some completely irresponsible California plans that didn’t happen (for the best) and Lex has stuff going on and Alan has stuff going on and we are where we should be, but still. Restless. A woman I know on Facebook (I have to get off Facebook) took her kids on a five week trip around the country. It looked amazing! I would love to do that. I mentioned it to Alan and he said no way, though he is restless too. We are both at a point where some new scenery and social scene would do us well. I have a minimal peer group these days, no longer part of the SAHM crowd, but not working either. Alan is feeling restless with his extracurricular (extra-workular?) activities. Restless. The kids had a miserable dentist appointment today (I’ll probably blog about that later) and when we were back in the car I so badly wanted to just drive, drive, drive. Anywhere. Of course, I was driving the Leaf so my options are limited. We went to the farm stand and karate and Panera and the grocery store. Restless.

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