Building a bird house

Eve got a bird house kit for her birthday last year (or maybe the year before?) and has been patiently waiting for a day that Alan was around to help her build it. Well, a day he was around and she remembered that she had a bird house to build. :) Today was the big day. She was so excited. :)

Eve, busy at work... but she is missing something...

Eve, busy at work… but she is missing something…

That's better!  That's a nice looking bird house too.

That’s better! That’s a nice looking bird house too.

When she was done building it she came upstairs and painted it, telling me stories the whole time about how she is going to entice the birds to come live in her house. Free food, light (mini battery powered candle), warmth (blankets), and more. I don’t think she full understands how birds work, but she thoroughly enjoys the stories.

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