Flying high and diving deep


Waffles for breakfast, again. 

This weather is just not cooperating with our plans this trip. Or with our visitors’ plans, I suppose. We headed to SkyZone today for some high-flying fun.

The plan was for Julie and her girls to come up and spend the day with us, but the weather did not cooperate and she didn’t make it, so we were on our own. Turns out that was maybe for the best. Things are SkyZone were crazy!! We didn’t pre-buy tickets, despite the website strongly encouraging us to do so, and so when we got there they were pretty full up. We were hoping to stay for a few hours, but there were only a few time slots available. We got the kids tickets to jump from 10:30-11:00am while Alan and I watched. The place was a bit overwhelming at first and the ticket lady said grownups had to jump on the other side of the room from kids and I wasn’t sure what that exactly looked like, so I decided to let the kids jump first. Turns out “the other side of the room” was really just not that far away.


Trampolines everywhere! Do you see the kids way in the back?



At 11am we left SkyZone and went to the Olive Garden for lunch. YUMMY!!! Before leaving SkyZone we purchased tickets for all four of us to jump from 12:30-1:00pm. I wanted to do longer, but again, there was limited time available. So we had lunch then came back. This second time was soooo much better… because I jumped too! As a grownup watching the place is boring, loud, and chaotic. But as a jumper jumping, OMG it is so much fun!!! You can go so high and do all sorts of fun tricks. I wasn’t brave enough for flips and somersaults, but other people were. Lex mastered the “jumping off the wall” trick and Alan worked on getting as high in the air as possible. So much fun!!!

After half an hour we were all hot and sweaty. I could have stayed longer, but our time was up and everyone was exhausted so it was a good time to head back to the hotel… for swimming! What better way to cool down. I didn’t get any pictures in the pool because I was swimming too, but I really wished I had an underwater camera. There are skylights in the pool area and the sunshine coming in made everything really beautiful. It would have been a great day for swimming pictures. Oh well. By 3:00 we were all worn out and hungry, so we headed back upstairs. It’s a good vacation when everyone is showered and in PJs by 4pm, right?! :)


Vacation leftovers! Pizza from the hotel, various options from Cheesecake Factory, pasta from the OG, and carrots so we can pretend we’re eating healthy on vacation. I know what’s for dinner tonight!

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