A drive to Syracuse

We drove to Syracuse yesterday.  Everyone else was heading to warmer weather for vacation, but not us!  This is what our vacation trip looked like…


Crazy winter icicles at a rest area on the thruway.



The Erie Canal, buried in snow!



Evening is when it really got fun. By the time we got to Syracuse it was total blizzard conditions! We were very happy to finally be off the road!


And then, once we got to the hotel, it looked more like this…


Hello Merlot.



The kids wanted to sit at their own table so we decided to have a Valentine’s Day dinner on our own. :) Very romantic! Syracuse v. Duke on the screen. It was a good game, but sadly SU lost.



Watching the end of the game. Alan was happy to be off the road and on the couch!


That’s how this family likes to spend Valentine’s Day and the first day of vacation!

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