New rooms!

We did it!  It’s done!  Ha!  Everyone is sleeping in new rooms tonight, but it is far from done.  The kids are both super excited… and over tired, over stimulated, and a little nervous too.  It’s a late night because we went out to dinner and to Home Depot for a few supplies, because what’s a home project without at least one trip to the HD!

Check out our work…


Our room, still in progress.


Eve's room. She was more interested in playing with newly discovered things than actually putting anything away.


Eve's room.


I love her new bed frame!


Lex's room. His room is tidier because most of the clutter belonged to Eve.


He wanted his bed on the opposite wall and we tucked the chair into the corner with a cozy reading lamp.


Lex's Lego corner, minus any Legos yet.

We still have plenty to do, but I’m psyched about the progress we made today.  I won’t show you a picture of the dining room because much of the stuff landed on the table “to be dealt with later.” We had lunch in the living room and dinner at Panera Bread.  Lex was wondering where we would eat breakfast in the morning, so just now I rearranged the piles to make a little room at their seats. :-)

Truth be told, my heart hurts a little tonight.  They are excited and I know it’s right, but I have really enjoyed their time together. I think of them as peas in a pod and we share and share alike, but now we are separating.  While I was lying with Eve I was thinking about all the times they talked and giggled together at night (despite me telling them not to) and all the mornings they climbed into bed together to share their dreams and plans for the day.  Now they are apart and I know it’s only the beginning.  From now on things become his or hers, not theirs, and we put her things in her room and his things in his room and things are no longer “theirs.” I can only hope their bond stays strong as they grow into their own amazing selves. 

2 thoughts on “New rooms!

  1. Our big kids have been apart since we moved into the new house, so a year and a half now. They are still very close, but having separate rooms gives them a space to be apart when needed. Sometimes they have sleepovers together in each other’s rooms. :)
    Now the boys sharing a room is a different story… ;)

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