Big changes around here…

We had a very busy afternoon! The kids had no school today (Veterans Day!) and they had a busy day with Mema while I was at work. I got home and shortly thereafter our delivery truck came, bringing us new furniture!! We were all so excited!

old couch

Get this old, ugly thing out of here!

old couch outside p1

This is when the real fun began, for the kids anyway!

old couch outside p2

Parrish came over to join in the fun too.

old couch outside p3

Watching the TV in the sky. :)

new furniture

New furniture! (apparently my camera lens seriously needs cleaning!)


It’s so cozy and comfy!


Daisy likes it too.

We got a couch, a love seat, and bedframes for both kids. The bedframes are upstairs, but unbuilt. We will put them together just as soon as we get the bedrooms rearranged. Having a brand new bedframe, in a box, totally motivated Eve tonight and she asked if we could do some work on the rearranging process. The three of us (Alan is in London!) spent over an hour moving stuff from the office down to the basement. Step one is moving the office the basement, step two is moving our bedroom into the office, then step three is moving Eve’s bedroom into ours, step four I guess is rearranging Lex in his own room. We got a ton done this evening and got the entire closet cleared out and moved downstairs. One step closer to the grand rearranging!

evening furniture

After dinner we did some rearranging in the living room and put the tables back in place. It looks beautiful! (of course the toys are scattered about already and it’s looking a little less beautiful now!)


These shelves were in the closet. I told Eve they might go upstairs and on my next trip to the basement she grabbed the shelves and hauled them up to her room, all on her own. I laughed when I went up later and saw them already loaded up.

lexs bedframe

Here is Lex’s bedframe, not yet put together. The colored circles in the top are changeable and you can even put your own photos in there. That will be fun!

eves bedframe

Eve’s bed is TOP SECRET and will be unveiled whenever we get around to opening the boxes. :)

crazy daisy

I was taking pictures of Daisy climbing the stair railings today and this one cracks me up. She looks like a psycho kitty! :)

That about sums up our afternoon. Tomorrow will be another big day. A certain someone is having a birthday and her sweet hubby is flying back over the pond to join us for a birthday dinner, lovingly prepared by Mema. It will be a great day! (and the kids want to do more room rearranging!)

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