Sciency fun

We are trying to cram as much fun into these last two weeks as possible.  Balanced, of course, with as much “no plans” time as possible too.  It makes for tricky scheduling!

Yesterday we had to get out of the house and I was feeling a bit cranky, so I suggested we start our day with a trip to King Arthur Flour.  No objections from the kids!  They were even happier when I let them get anything they wanted.  Eve asked if she could have a cupcake (at 9am) and they were huge and beautiful and I said sure.  She decided on a whoopie pie instead, while Lex and I both got blueberry scones.

After the kids ran around like wild ones for a few minutes we headed up the street to the science museum. The place was packed, but we all had fun.

dino sketching

Eve brought her notebook to make some sketches.

sue sketch

A T-Rex named Sue.


A “What’s hot? What’s not?” selfie.


Lex took Jupiter for a spin.


We went to a Discovery Lab session on volcanic rocks. The lady kept talking about “frozen lava” and it drove me crazy. My kids knew more about the rocks than she did. I think she was new. She clearly had some learning to do. :) Lex left part way through, but Eve stayed for the whole thing. She showed them basalt, pumice, granite, and obsidian. Eve did some sketching. :)


Lex spent most of his time in the Tinkering Lab. The project was to make parts for a pinball machine. They had a bunch of homemade pinball machines set up (six, maybe) and lots of supplies for the kids to make their own components to add. Then the kids could put them in and test them out. It was lots of fun.

pinball machine

Here is one of the machines with Lex’s additions (the red and green parts).

eves part

Eve made an intricate decoration with a red flag on top for the pinball machine.

lexs part

Lex made a ramp and landing zone.

outdoor sketching p1

While Lex continued tinkering, Eve and I went to the top so she could do another sketch. She propped her clipboard on the railing and it almost fell off! Well, it did fall off, but on the inside, not the outside. This is her face when describing what could have happened!

outdoor sketching p2

She decided to be safe and hold the clipboard in her arm while sketching. I thought that was a much better idea.

Everyone was having fun but we had to head home for their final piano lesson of the summer. Then a little rest, a little dinner, and off to karate where they got belt test invitations! The belt test is next week and they are very excited, and ready!

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