Lex casts his vote for the wolf!

Lex happily casts his vote for the wolf!

We were a few minutes early to school today and had to wait in the lobby until 8am.  While we waited I pointed out to Lex the daily question that the principal posts each morning.  He writes it on a whiteboard in the lobby and the kids all answer or vote as they come in.  Lex read the question (“Should there be a wolf on the new school sign?”) and said, “Yes!”  Then he grabbed the marker and wrote “YES” (see it it blue with a red checkmark in between?)  Then he danced around with the open marker for a bit while I gently (sort of ) asked him to put the top on the marker before dancing.  He said, “I’m not done yet.  First I need to make an exclamation point to say that I’m excited!”  So he added the ! and then put the marker down.  I was bummed that I didn’t have the camera with me at the time, but I brought it at pick-up and took this picture.  You can see that lots of people added their comments in the meantime, and in-between his letters :)

2 thoughts on “Participation

  1. I love your stories, Tessa! It must be the fascinating characters you write about. I’m a big fan of exclamation points too!
    Love and big hugs, me

  2. He literally looks like he’s possibly in 3rd grade. I mean those of us who know him know his mind is way beyond his years, but in that picture it is even a picture of physical maturity. Good job, parents!!!!! Good job, Lex!!!
    While I’m at it, good job everybody!! :-)

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