The kiddos started their one week of summer camp today.  It’s a new place we haven’t gone before with a “GeoQuesting” theme, a cross between ValleyQuests and geocaching.  They had a blast.  They learned how to make a fire, they swam, they took two hikes, and a squirrel (or some other creature!) ate Lex’s lunch leftovers.  A good time was had by all. :)

happy campers

I was going to take a before and after pic, but I forgot the before, so you just get the after. Eve was still in her bathing suit and covered in dirt!


The secret to getting healthy food in Lex is to wear him out, then give him a book and surround him by healthy things that he likes. He’ll mindlessly much for hours. :)

I wanted a nice “before” and “after” picture of them but I was feeling kind of emotional about leaving them and totally forgot the before picture.  Oh well.  They had fun and I survived without them… and by survived I mean got a TON of errands and things done!  I think we are all excited for four more days! :)

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