Busy Saturday

Just a quick update before I retire to the couch. We had a busy Saturday today. It started bright and early. I’ve been coaching a Girls On The Run team at my school and today was the big 5K culmination event. The sky was dark and rain was pouring down when I woke up at 5:15 to get ready to go. I was not excited. I had told the kids that I might not see them in the morning because I had to leave so early, so they decided to get up extra early as well to see me before I headed out. Not exactly my plan, but it was ok. I packed rain gear, extra clothes, umbrella, etc. Everything in plastic bags because I have no idea how waterproof my backpack is. The race was about and hour and a half way, but I met the other coaches at a mid-way point and we carpooled together. That was nice. When we met the rain was subsiding and by the time we got to the race the skies were blue and the rain was gone. Yay!!

The day ended up being perfect. Sunny, breezy, cool, but perfect for running. We had a good turn out, I ran almost the entire 5K, and everyone had a great time. On the way home Alan texted me saying he was taking the kids to the playground, so when I got home the house was empty. I showered, scrubbed the Girls On The Run temporary tattoo on my cheek, but it didn’t come off, then settled in for some UVEI writing. Not a lot, but some. I have a TON to do this week. The final push before graduation in a few weeks.

When Alan got home with the kids, Eve and I headed out for a birthday party. It was a carnival theme and tons of fun. I ate lots of popcorn and m&ms and drank lemonade. The kids ran and played. I chatted with other parents and everyone was happy.

Back home we ordered pizza for dinner and relaxed with an episode of Cosmos. Generally a pretty cool show, but I’ll confess I dozed for much of this one. Eve snuggled on my lap and I couldn’t keep my eyes open!

Kids are in bed now and I’ll be there soon. I’ll post more later. Lex has a birthday coming right up and I foresee some free time in my future… eventually! For the next few weeks I’ll be busy!

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