Happy Easter

Only two days late with this post…

We had a lovely Easter this year. The weather was perfect. The kids are growing up, but still excited for Easter candy and egg hunts. For days leading up to the big event Eve told me elaborate stories of her friendship with the Easter Bunny, who just so happens to be her stuffed animal bunny named Cinnamon. Cinnamon comes to life on Easter eve and brings Eve, and her friend Logan, around the world delivering baskets to all the good children of the world. A lovely story.

For the first time this Easter the kids got up on their own, as they have been doing on weekends lately, and I woke up a bit later. Alan woke up a lot later, missing the first three egg hunts!

coloring eggs

Coloring eggs. The kids insisted on 36 of them, which worked out well because we broke many of them along the way!


Pretty colors.


Pretty Easter baskets. That’s Cinnamon, the real Easter Bunny, in the middle.

daddy bunny

Daddy bunny was worried the kids would eat all the chocolate before we woke up, so he left a little note.


A word of caution from the Easter Bunny. :)


The kids still enjoyed the egg hunts. We did many and I tried to make them challenging!

After the Easter celebrations we went outside to enjoy the day. The kids helped with yard work as a way to earn some money. Lex worked really hard and earned enough to afford the Snap Circuits kit he’s been saving for. He was pretty excited. We still have the side lawn to do and he is saving for a butterfly tent next, so hopefully next weekend he’ll help me with that. I don’t mind paying for hard work!


In the afternoon, while the kids and I raked the lawn, Alan cleaned out the garage, installed a charging station for the new car, and flew the kite. It was a busy day. :)

eve bunny

Eve made a hat for her bunny. I think it is a beautiful Easter Egg drawing.

It was a wonderful way to end our wonderful April vacation. The day, and the whole week, were both relaxing and productive at the same time. Happy April, Happy Easter, and today, Happy Earth Day!

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