Electric Fruits and Veggies

While I had to work today (so… many… parent/teacher conferences!) Alan was home with the kids and they did all sorts of fun things with Daddy! First they went to vote, then they went out to lunch and the grocery store (where Eve spent all her money on Easter junk), and then they came home and did some science!

They have been talking about doing this experiment for a few days now and I encouraged Alan to have the kids write up the experiment. Get some academics in there! He thought it was a great idea. I also asked him to write up this blog post, but he was less excited about that. :)

The experiment was to test the level of electricity generated by citrus fruits, and they decided to compare to non-citrus things as well. I would love to give more details, but I really don’t know them, so I’ll have to let the photos do the talking. When I left this morning I said, “I’ll leave the camera here on the counter, just in case you guys need it today!” They clearly picked up on my hint!

This looks yummy!

This looks yummy!

See the little bulb lit up?

See the little bulb lit up?

There seems to be some good energy in that orange!

Some 9v cells make it brighter!

Eve's notes

Eve’s notes

Lex's notes

Lex’s notes

The back side of Lex's notes.

The back side of Lex’s notes.

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