We got a bit of snow today, like 18″ or so! The district cancelled school, thereby extending next week’s vacation just a little bit longer. I was a little bummed because today is Valentine’s Day and we had a kindergarten party planned, but apparently the Superintendent didn’t take that into consideration! Geesh! Eve’s teacher bumped their party up a day, though Eve forgot and didn’t bring in her Valentine’s cards. So now we have mine for two classes (K and 5th), Lex’s, and Eve’s all in a big pile on the counter. Everyone will celebrate at school on the 24th. :)


I made little Valentine’s for my fifth graders. It’s silly, I know, and will be extra silly on the 24th.


Happy Valentine’s Day to my little valentines.

We spent several hours outside in the snow. Poor Alan had to go to work, so we started by shoveling out the driveway. That took awhile!


We have a lot of snow around here!

eve sitting

Eve plopped down and we nearly lost her! :)


Our little house in the snow.

snow bank

Mountain climbing!


Eve slid down the banister face first and couldn’t get up. She started crying that her chin was cold so Lex warmed it for her while they waited for me to come to her rescue and haul her back onto her feet!


I told the kids to go on an expedition to find the swing set… they made it as far as the porch.


They got stuck in the snowbank! Lex is in up to his waist and Eve up to her armpits! Lex managed to get himself out, but Eve was so stuck I had to shovel her out. :)

happy eve

I don’t think she minded too much being stuck in the snow.

dug out

Here she is, partially shoveled out.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy winter vacation! Happy Family! We were doing our highs/lows this evening and the kids had nothing but highs to talk about. Lex barely managed a low (snow down his back) and Eve’s low was she was too tired. :) Everyone is looking forward to a visit from Mema and Grandpa Tom tomorrow! Let the fun continue!

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  1. That looks like winter from my childhood! We always got tons of snow. We loved to build elaborate snow forts and snow houses in the banks that were built up on the sides of the driveway. We would make couches, chairs and beds, which might make a fun vacation project. :) Hope they are enjoying it!

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