In an effort to get the kids more physically active this winter I signed them up for a karate introduction lesson. They both know several kids who do karate and Lex even went to a karate birthday party a few weeks ago. They were excited right up until the moment we walked in the door, then seeing all the people dressed alike and performing in unison (as much as a bunch of kids ever do), both kids shut down. They said they did not want to do it and they wanted to leave right away. I reminded them that we had made an appointment and we need to at least stay for the introduction lesson, then we could go. They grudgingly agreed and boy are they glad they did! The lesson was just the two of them and a teacher (sensi, I think, I need to study up on my karate lingo!) and they LOVED it. They were blocking and kicking and laughing. At the end they both eagerly asked if they could take lessons. So we signed them up. Uniform and all! We are encouraged to go three times a week, but I can’t see that happening in our world. We’re shooting for twice a week for starters. :)


Introduction lesson



All suited up.


Ready to go!

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