All conferenced out

This is parent/teacher conference week at school. I put my “teacher” hat on and started my work day with a 7am parent conference. Then I taught all morning. One writing lesson three times, because that’s the way our rotating schedule works. For the last lesson my UVEI faculty coach (the lady who will determine if I’m competent to be a teacher) came to observe. This was the last class before a four and a half day weekend and I’ll tell you… those kids were wired! Ugh. After they left I switched to my “student” hat and we had a TRIAD conference with my faculty coach, my mentor teacher, and myself. They both had a few suggestions, but no surprises. Then I put my “parent” hat on and went to Lex and Eve’s parent/teacher conferences. No surprises there either. Lex is doing well and growing more (socially) every year. I like his teacher a lot. She has a good sense of humor about her students. At Eve’s conference we learned that her teacher discovered she’s a secret math genius. Alan and I already knew that, of course, but her teacher was pretty impressed with her number skills. We are raising a couple of smarty pants!

By this point I was exhausted. We hung out at the book fair for awhile (who can resist books?!) then headed home. As we parted, Alan going back to work, he said, “I’ll be home by six so you can go to your Good Beginnings conference.” Ugh! I forgot about that one. I debated for awhile but decided to go and loved it. I knew I would love it, which is why I decided to go. :) Each year Good Beginnings puts on an annual lecture and this year the speaker was Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting and other books. I loved Simplicity Parenting. It’s such a clear concept, with supported reasons for slowing life down a bit. Ironic maybe that I would wrap up my hectic conference day with a conference on slowing life down a bit. :) It also gave me several ideas for education and UVEI writing pieces.

Now I have a glass of wine, Jon Stewart, and hubby by my side. All is well in the world.

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